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Also please ask about 4G LTE (4G 4 Yachts) - See Blog Post: - this system is U.S. 700 Mhz 4G LTE + all the previous 3G+ and 2G technologies on the GSM line ... we also have Verizon, Sprint compatible systems available. Complete Marine Package for around $900.00. - and this system (multiple models) has the same as the above as well as models for most frequency bands used around the world. We aim to help anyone get the correct system for use on marine vessels for your part of the world ... including complete Marine Pack "Kit" for the total install. Complete Marine Pack for around $1047.00. (**** Price reduced a price reduction from our distributor is being passed on to you. Marine Pack* complete now $976.30 + Shipping and Handling (as of 03/26/2013) 4G+3G Internet Router only now $564.30 + Shipping and Handling.)

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Need answers to your questions fast? Call: 954-683-3426

"Marine Communications Technology Consultant"
Sales, Installation, Service, and Support for: Satellite,
Cellular, WiFi, Computer, and Computer Networking
for marine mobile platforms (sail and motor yachts.)

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Marine Communications for Sail and Motor Yachts
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"An Internet For Boats Marine Dealer: Ericsson W35 is available Here"
"WiFi For Boats: WiFi Hotspot Sharing Systems for Boat/Yacht Onboard Networks: Marine WiFi Systems available Here"

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About: Telecom, a shortening of the word telecommunication. Telecommunication refers to communication over long distances. Telecommunication covers all forms of distance and/or conversion of the original communications, including radio, telegraphy, television, telephone, data communication and computer networking.

Although telecommunications technology is improving quickly, people at sea do not have access to the same telecommunications infrastructure people ashore have. Mariners not only need to access international shore telephone and data public switched networks, but also, they need to be able to communicate with other ships of any size or nationality, to receive and send urgent maritime safety information, and to send or receive distress alerts in an emergency to or from rescue coordination centers ashore and nearby ships anywhere in the world. Unlike cellular telephones and land mobile radios used in the United States, maritime telecommunications systems must be internationally interoperable, even in United States coastal waters, where numerous foreign ships sail. Bringing new telecommunications technology to mariners can be difficult, since to be interoperable, the technology must be affordable, acceptable and available to most ships and maritime countries.

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Alan Spicer Marine Telecom
Telephone: (954)
Email: Communications @ MarineTelecom.Net

located near Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

Marine Environments Served
(and Small Office Home Office, Small-Medium Business)

"Communications Technology Consultant"
"Voice, Multimedia, Fax,  and Data for Marine/Yachts and Small-Medium Business"
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About: Alan Spicer (Marine) Telecom, Co About Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Co. (Press Release)        Consulting and Support Agreements Consulting and Support Agreement Information

About: Alan Spicer About the Founder of Alan Spicer Marine Telecom        Ericsson W35 Product Page Ericsson W35 Marine Mobile Broadband Voice and Internet 3G Router Information

About: Privacy About our Privacy Policy Web Site Information about Yacht WiFi, Marine Wifi, and the LightSpeed II Marine WiFi Hotspot Mobile Broadband Router Information

Marine Radio and Electronics Page Marine Radio and Electronics Links and Info.        Livewire Service Selector / Access Controller Livewire Service Selector (Access Controller) [control center for multiple Marine Internet Connections] Information

Marine Satellite Page (Updated 8-11-2007) Satellite Systems for Voice and Data         
Cradlepoint Mobile 3G and 4G Routers Cradlepoint 3G and 4G Card Routers (share your laptop Data Card)

KVH Next-Gen Marine Broadband - Tracphone V7  New Mini-VSAT by KVH - Tracphone Version 7

FleetBroadband Fleet Broadband Information Page Inmarsat Fleet Broadband (aka FleetBroadband) Info. Page NEW!

Articles by Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Page Includes examples of our services    * 

Updated for 2008: M/Y Example - Current Flyer* showing Many Systems  we work with. Also available: 2009 - 2010 Flyer (PDF Doc)

Alan Spicer Telecom - Got Documentation? Why you should choose Alan Spicer...

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INMARSAT 4 PDF DOC - Interesting Inmarsat 4 The Next Generation - doc. How big is a new generation inmarsat satellite? Spacecraft + Container = 20 Tonnes. Weight 6 tons at lif off. How was Inmarsat 4 #1 bird launched and positioned? What new services does Inmarsat 4 provide? (Hint: BGAN - Broadband Global Area Network, and now Fleet Broadband for Marine!)

New Launch:8 November 2005 1407 GMT - INMARSAT I4-2 was launched, part of Inmarsats Broadband enhancements to their old standby the Inmarsat 3 birds many marine subscribers have been using. See our Satellite Section  about this. Part of the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN).

FleetBroadband (Fleet Broadband) Coming in November 2007. FleetBroadband Cost-effective, faster data. FleetBroadband Overview Brochure is here. FleetBroadband will be the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) for Marine. A lot of yachts will be interested in this because of cost effectiveness by being able to turn off the Internet and control the usage and hence the cost per month. New FleetBroadband Info. Page Here:

KVH Launches Next Generation Maritime Broadband Service and New TracPhone The new mini-VSAT Broadband service TracPhone(R) V7 two-way broadband satellite terminal. See: KVH Next-Gen Marine Broadband - Tracphone V7

Special thanks to Feed Digest for the blog to main web page feed here. The full blog is here: ASMT Blog

Alan Spicer Marine Telecom - Promotes Florida Boating Safety!

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Florida Marine Weather from

National Data Buoy Center - Click on a Bouy around the World for Weather and Sea Conditions Data - NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Home Page - International Maritime Organization - Cleaner Oceans - Safer Shipping

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Presented by:       Alan Spicer     - a Independent Representative* of Cognigen (now; A leading global provider of discount telecom services since 1995. It would be our pleasure to have you Stop By and Shop our Products and Services.

There are only two things of importance. One is the customer, and the other is the product. If you take care of customers, they come back. If you take care of your product, it doesn't come back. It's just that simple. And it's just that difficult.
Stanley Marcus

60+ Motor Yachts Served... Alan Spicer Marine Telecom has served over 60 Motor Yachts for computer/network/satellite communications services.

See my Yacht Pictures - Motor Yacht Photographs underway and in dock

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Systems installed on Marine and Motor Yachts. Gain Omni Directional Marine Antennas for Cellular Broadband and 802.11 B and G WiFi access. Share these connections with all computers onboard via wired CAT5 or Wireless Access Points or Routers. Integration of these two new services into existing Satellite based marine and motor yacht networks. Internet For Boats - Internet at Sea - Marine Internet - Internet for Ships. We are an Internet for Boats Marine Dealer. We provide Cellular Internet for Boats, WiFi Internet for Boats, and consult on and work with Satellite Internet for Boats. Sail and Motor Yachts are our primary clients - but will consider any marine communications requests. We have articles here on this web site concerning all of the above, where we often share our experiences and knowledge with the marine community via the Internet and World Wide Web. We welcome questions and inquiries at all times. If we don't know about it, we will find out about if for you. We work towards total satisfaction and strive for repeat customers in everything that we do.

Yacht Computer Service in South Florida: Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Miami-Dade County, Broward County. Onboard Computer and Laptop Service and Repair - Pickup and Delivery - All Marinas Computer Service, All Docks Computer Service for Sail and Motor Yachts. All Ports all Anchorages All Crews. Yacht Computer Service, Replacement, all brands, territory broward, miami, miami-dade, palm beach, county. Yacht Computer virus, data, recovery, backup, memory, upgrade, speed, windows, linux, unix, macintosh, mac osx, printer, hardware, software, network, wireless, firewall, motherboard, hard drive, power supply, fan, dvd, cd, keyboard, power jack, plug, lcd, screen, monitor, crash, apple, acer, compaq, dell, hp, hewlett packard, hp, gateway, alienware, ibm, sony, toshiba, macintosh. Yearly Support Agreements for Yachts: $500 a year, $1000 a year, $2000 a year - depending on how fast you want a response. Support is email and telephone. Please enquire at: 954-683-3426 or Email Commmunications at Your Number One Source for Yacht Computer and Networking Services and Sales in South Florida. Consulting and Sales US Wide, Canada Wide, and World Wide. We can custom build small form factor computers for yachts for Navigation Computer replacements ... Yacht Communications or Desktop Business Computer Replacements. Or just replace, fix, or upgrade that Office Computer that the owners and their family uses - that recently slowed down due to spyware and/or viruses. Onboard Networks, Secure Network Hard Drives (Network Storage with Public areas for all crew and guest use, and Private Storage Areas for Captain - Owner - Chief Stew - 1st Mate, etc.) Marine Communications - Marine Satellite, Marine Cellular, Internet Connection Sharing for Sail and Motor Yachts. Oh and did I mention we've got a guy! For general marine electronics as well. One call does it all.

Announcing: Laptop Repair for Sail and Motor Yachts - including pickup and delivery to the boat in the Southeast Florida Area. Quote provided before repair. Pickup, Delivery, pre-check by me, and Quote Flat Fee $50.00 per laptop. Call and ask about it! Note: I know you are going to ask, so yes this extends to Marine Computer / Yacht Computer desktops as well. So if you are looking for Marine Computer Repair or Yacht Computer Repair you have come to the right place. Also if you need Jeppesen Nobeltec Navigation Software installed or fixed, or if your GPS signal to the PC went south, or you have the famous "Crazy Mouse" ... I'm you're guy! Yacht Computer Service On board, Yacht Repair Service On Board - If your computer can be repaired or upgraded on board the yacht it will be done right there. If it needs to be picked up, serviced, and delivered back on board - I'll do that as well. Yacht Laptop Repair - Yacht Computer Repair. Yacht Computer Replacements and Upgrades. Yacht Navigation Computer Service. Yacht Communications Computer Service. My regular yacht customers already know that I handle service and repair of desktop and laptop computers. So if the Boat Computer needs a repair - I'm there! If a crew member needs a laptop tune up or repair - I'm there as well. Just call me and I will go to the marina or yard where you are docked to your boat for computer repair.

Ok people... searching for stuff for "yatch" you've found it. ASMT does computer and communications consulting for "yatches". Yatch Computer, Yatch Cellular, Yatch WiFi, Yatch Satellite, and Internet for Yatch.

Yatch (noun) - A common mis-spelling for the word "yacht" spelled Y A C H T. Yankee, Alpha, Charlie, Hotel, Tango.
1. an expensive vessel propelled by sail or power (motor yacht) used for cruising or racing.
2. a hole in the water in which to pour money.

Yatchet (noun / slang) - a word often used to express love for ownership of ones "yacht".

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